About - Stefania Rosichetti
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Stefania Rosichetti


Stefania Rosichetti lives in Trevi and here she began to take her first steps in her artistic career. Always in love with Art, in all its expressions, she began a personal production only in 2006, dedicating herself to painting in a constant manner and working alongside some Umbrian artists and masters.
Although she already has her own defined and recognizable pictorial identity, the artist continues her experimentation along new paths driven by a never-paying curiosity.
Her works have been exhibited on several occasions in collective and personal exhibitions, receiving many acclaim so as to make them find a place of absolute importance in the panorama of local and national artistic production.

In 2011 and 2012 she collaborated with some local companies including “VUS Valle Umbra Servizi” in communication’s projects as a creator and illustrator, she worked as a creator and illustrator with the “Fattoria Morella”, a local farm for the promotion of products at km 0 and with several other companies.
In 2015 and 2016 she attended ceramics courses with professor Ivan Olivieri and made sculptures customizing the different techniques learned by connecting them closely to her pictorial works. Over the years in which she has approached “materials” she has experimented with various approaches to sculpture, creating works in iron with interesting results.

“My painting is very reflective, it needs concentration and reflection, my sculptures are more instinctive, physical, I love to design, the contact with the material and shape it, I feel the need to get my hands dirty and” immerse myself “in it”.
From 2014 she attended the workshop of the master Elvio Marchionni and without depersonalizing his pictorial style she experimented with the techniques learned using different types of materials.
In 2015 she curated the opening of “FucinArt” a Temporary Art Gallery in Piazza Faloci in Foligno where, in addition to her paintings and sculptures, she hosted the works of other Umbrian artists.
In 2013 she created and created the mascot for the “CanTarSco” breeding.
Also in 2013 she created the Palio for the “Quintanella”, in 2014 for the “Palio dei Terzieri in Trevi”, in 2017 she created the banner for the “Fuga del Bove” in Montefalco.